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Key Features

Here goes some more great reasons to build with us.

One API → Many

Snapr is fully integrated with a range of popular services including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare.

By using the Snapr API you only need to register your app in one place, and you don’t need to maintain your app against multiple services.

Posting to Facebook is as simple as toggling a variable with upload

Instantly Scalable

Snapr is built on Amazon EC2 + S3.

Image content is served via Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN to ensure speedy delivery worldwide.

You are set up to scale from day one.

Save money by not having to hire a team to maintain your service.

Cross platform dev

Snapr's resources utilize cross platform technology.

Develop one codebase and publish it as a native app for iOS and Android, use the same codebase on the mobile web.

Snapr uses the popular jQuery mobile framework + backbone.js.

Expand an existing App

Snapr's native wrapper apps can be added to your existing app as a self contained library.

Add a photo sharing community to a tab within your existing app, or launch photo sharing features in a modal window.

Ask us about how you can use your apps existing login data to seamlessly pass login details to Snapr.

Your own Community

When you register an app we create a group for your users and their images.

By sending your app group with any API call you can make sure the data returned is relative to your app only!

The Snapr API is unique in that it is designed to allow people to build their own self contained products / niche communities.

Location Social

Snapr has been about location social from day one.

Perform advanced location based image searches.

Fully integrated with the Foursquare venues database for photo checkins and place searches.

Campaign Tools

Creating a Photo sharing App for a Brand or Sponsored Event?
Snapr has special features just for you.

Manage Content

Use our slick admin tools to manage content shared via your app.

Feature high quality content, remove offensive material, message your users directly regarding their shots.

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Track sign ups and usage for your app in real time.

See numbers of shares to third party sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

View a summary of your most active users, popular content, and trending locations.

Brand Copy

Easily set copy to be added to messages shared to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Foursquare from your app.

Be sure that hashtags for your campaign or event will be correct, or promote your apps features.

Under Construction

Snapr has a range of capabilities that are not yet available via Public API’s.
Contact us to discuss setup for your project.

Ad Placements

Display banner ads at specific venues or for certain user groups.

Set different banner formats and click throughs for web vs mobile.

Promote photo competitions, local deals, or relevant products.

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Recommended Spots

Create Lists of recommended Spots for different user groups in your app.

Return lists of recommended spots mixed with trending locations popular with that group of people.

Help direct people to featured merchant destinations.

Local Deals

Snapr has a custom platform for adding local deals to venues within your app.

Offer deals to all users of your app or certain user groups, or add a game layer - offer deals only to top users / groups.

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Auto Hashtags / FB Promo

Pick hotspots for your app. When people share images from those spots Snapr can automatically add hashtags to tweets, and set custom content and links to be added to Facebook postings.

Bring photos together on Twitter, gain extra promotion for your Facebook Page or microsite.

Mailing Lists

Access the mailing list for opt in users of your app.

Use Campaign Monitor to send and manage campaigns.

Use our special email templates that are tweaked out for presentation of apps.

Your Idea Here

We want to build the tools you need.

If there is a feature you would like to see in the Snapr API please let us know!